Monday, November 7, 2016

Looking for Wonderful Wisdom and A+ Advice on Parenting Your Child? Read this. . .

 If you like the following fabulous quotes on parenting, you will relish the entire article, insha'Allah:

"Parenting is Easy. You don't have to work upon your children, but you have to work upon yourselves to see results in your children."

"If you want to teach math, then you have to master mathematics. If you want to teach good manners, then you have to be a master in manners yourself." 

"How you present a Sunnah is just as important as the Sunnah itself. If we have Sunnah to teach, then we should have certain methods to teach them as well, which sadly, many parents ignore. " Brother Nisaar Nadiadwala 

Read the entire article on the Islamic Online University Blog

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