Grandma Jeddah

Mother of 11 children! Grandmother of 16! Teacher over 30 years! Wife more than 34 years! Educator of hundreds! Children's Writer! Author!

Who is Grandma Jeddah?

Grandma Jeddah is the mother of 11 children, grandmother of 15, wife of over 34 years, and teacher for more than 3 decades.

As a result of this monumental experience, Grandma Jeddah'wisdom doesn't come from theory alone. She has gained material knowledge as well as practical experience that can help make obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child.

We all need role models and mentors to guide us along the way. Let Grandma Jeddah's extensive knowledge of what it takes to maintain a long-term, successful marriage help you make it through those difficult and trying moments that are inevitable in any marriage.

Grandma Jeddah is the author of over half a dozen parenting books. Her parenting e-books are recognized across 6 continents, and she has received accolades from tons of mothers for her parenting advice.

She's written over 100 articles on parenting subjects and child related matters. She's had numerous articles printed in Sisters Magazine, Al-Ju'muah Magazine, Productive Muslim, ILM, InFocus Newspaper, The Muslim Family Magazine and a host of other media.   ​In addition, her children's stories have been printed in several juvenile magazines including Fandangle and Imagination Cafe

Grandma Jeddah has gained experience that can help make establishing a more peaceful family and home remarkably easier for you and your family, insha'Allah. come on . . . let's get started today. Learn how to discipline your kids without hitting shouting, or losing control. Read Grandma Jeddah's parenting tips from her blog, website, and e-books.

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